Tribal Sisters Belly Dance 2010 - 2016

Tribal Sisters Belly Dance was Nashville's first and only American Tribal Style troupe from 2010-1016. Founder Barbara Campanelli Abernathy moved to North Carolina in 2017 and the original troupe members reorganized as Tula Tribal Belly Dance. We were a delightfully diverse group of women—all sizes, shapes and ages from different walks of life—who loved to belly dance for the sheer fun and joy of it! Instructor Barbara Abernathy (2nd from left above) founded the Dalai Mamas Belly Dance troupe in Portland, Oregon before moving to Nashville and starting Tribal Sisters in 2010.

Tribal Sisters Belly Dance did the original "lead and follow" style of belly dance known as American Tribal Style (ATS®) that began in San Francisco with Fat Chance Belly Dance. It's a distinctly American style of belly dance, a melting pot of moves inspired by the ethnic dances of many cultures, from the Middle East to North Africa, India and the Flamenco dance of Spain. The Tribal Sisters troupe is not active currently but is sure to be revived when the time is right for Barbara. Tribal Sisters may be gone for a while, but will never be forgotten!